$30M challenge for anti-coronavirus fight. Swiss-based foundation starts the global incentive to combat Wuhan coronavirus. 1M CRON crypto coins (~$300,000) already committed to the reward pool.

You all know that an outbreak of a new coronavirus in China has killed at least 106 people and sickened more than 4515, and has spread to several other countries, including cased outside Asia. Once incident was reported in the USA as a man who recently visited China got hospitalized in Washington.

There is very little known about the virus, the way it spreads, its incubation period (which is believed to be about two weeks) and who is most at risk. For now, the coronavirus is said to be the pathogen behind a mysterious illness that had sickened 59 people in Wuhan, a city of 11 million in central China. The worst fears are that the new virus may resemble or even outpass damage brought by SARS, which sickened thousands of people around the world and killed nearly 800 during the 2003 outbreak, The New York Times says.

We must act! We have to act fast and strong to prevent this hazard. Our immediate response is to create a joint force to combat the problem and fuel this fight with sufficient resources.

On January 23, 2020 The Anti-Coronavirus Foundation ( with its headquarters in Geneva was created in Davos, Switzerland. Its first immediate move is to collect a $30,000,000 worth reward pool to be given to a person or institution which invents a cure for the coronavirus.

Yury Myshinskiy, co-founder and CEO of CryptOcean, will chair the Foundation. We invite to join into our initiative top-level scientists, charity NPO leaders and pharma industry specialists and we are really need your support. Details will be announced shortly.

Davos World Economic Forum is the best possible location to launch this move. We call, in public, to those world leaders presented in the forum audiences to join the opportunity to contribute and bring the word to their countries inviting people and companies to pull together for the greater good of every person on Earth.

The initiative

It is critical that proper resources will be pulled together to start an immediate financing of the laboratory work and clinical studies. In addition, it is necessary to globalize this and involve all types of medical and scientific institutions around the world to deliver the solution of the problem with no delays, as countless people's lives are at stake.

This situation is a clear example of a planet wise threat, and we are convinced that this menace needs to be responded by mankind's united efforts. If every person in the world donates just one cent, the reward pool will be total $30 million. Big enough to prevent deaths of thousands and illness of millions. Isn't that the right thing to do?

The Anti-Coronavirus Foundation intends to finance the first company or group of individuals who produce a sough-for vaccine available for mass production and use. We will deploy all collected funds for coronavirus treatment and establishing production capacities for that. Looking long-term, the remaining funds will be converted into a dedicated foundation aimed to fight other viruses yet incurable.

The call to leaders

We overtly invoke for all thought leaders over the globe to support the initiative and set an example to their followers. It is essential that the most dangerous virus of our time is neutralized before it takes the unrecoverable death toll. This must be done, and done ASAP.

We encourage to an action and manifestation of enterprise Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Bernard Arnault, Carlos Slim, Amancio Ortega, Larry Elisson, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Masayoshi Son and other visionary thinkers and science supporters to join the move to make the coronavirus epidemic spread stop.

Individually we invite the most distinguished personality, an IT genius and a professional with a long-term strategic vision who is known to be adherent about humanitarian initiatives and crowd/community actions, Satoshi Nakomoto. The one who is still hiding in the shadows, yet was able to present the world with a tool enabling people join their forces seamlessly to defeat planetary level threats.

The reward pool

We, CryptOcean, already made our first move to defeat the disease. 1,000,000 CRON crypto coins were deposited to the dedicated blockchain address ( At today's exchange rate ($0.30 for one CRON coin) the funds committed stand at $300,000.

The Anti-Coronavirus Foundation has set transparency as its first and foremost priority, thus the funds collection and spending are to be conducted in an open manner via the most reliable, traceable and auditable channel, blockchain. All transactions are to be handled in CRON blockchain run by CryptOcean company under a tight supervision of the foundation advisory board to be composed of trusted and publicly recognized individuals. The foundation is registered in Switzerland, a country with an exceptional level of transparency and legislation for non-profit organization

The blockchain-based platform allows each and every person from every country to contribute to the fight. You can donate to the pool in CRON coins or Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as in fiat currencies (we will present relevant tools to fiat donators shortly). All inflows are to be converted to CRON coins to provide unquestionable accountability. We invite all independent actors in charity, blockchain, audit and media to join the foundation to ensure bulletproof public control over the funds and spendings.

The target

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." Henry Ford said. We can't agree more. The math is relatively simple: with active working population of 3.3 billion people, mankind can do miracles today once it has its forces united. If each of us donates one cent to the anti-coronavirus foundation, the pool will reach $30 million. If we go to just one dollar per person, the amount can get to astonishing $3.3 billion — definitely enough to defeat the threat we have faced today, and many other incurable malicious diseases.

We truly hope that pharmacological giants participate in the action. When millions of human lives are at risk, it is time to forget about corporate competition, short-term profits and market gains — the situation calls for a mutual move to prevent irreparable damages.

Contact details and supplementary information

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© 2020 Anti-Coronavirus Foundation,
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